Aaron Jackson, founder of Planting Peace to speak at Morehead Pride 2016


Morehead Pride would like to welcome Aaron Jackson, founder of Planting Peace, as a guest speaker at our festival on Aug. 27, 2016. Aaron is a human rights activist who was named a CNN Hero in 2007 for his global deworming initiatives. Planting Peace runs multiple orphanages in Haiti and in 2012 they purchased a house across from the Westboro Baptist Church and painted it the colors of the pride flag. Known as the “Equality House”, it serves as a center for the organization’s LGBTQ initiatives and is a symbol of peace, equality and compassion. In 2015, Planting Peace put up a billboard in Morehead supporting same-sex couples who were denied a marriage license. The organization has continued to support the LGBT community with recent campaigns targeted at discriminatory laws in North Carolina and Mississippi.

Learn more about Planting Peace at www.plantingpeace.org.